What is Stenography?

Real-time machine stenography is a code translation system that lets users enter words and syllables by pressing multiple keys simultaneously in a chord, which is then instantly translated into text.

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Because stenography input involves multiple keys, and because it's machine translated, it is the fastest and most accurate text entry method currently available. Top qwerty typists can do 120 WPM, top Dvorak typists around 140 WPM, and voice writers dictating to voice recognition software around 180 WPM. But experienced stenographers can enter text at up to 300 words per minute (the world record is actually 360, but that's an outlier). Conceivably, with practice, amateur steno users could reach 160-200 words per minute. We hope to assist in that practice part of it!

To get an idea of the speed of steno, check this out:

In words per minute (WPM):
Steno and QWERTY go head to head

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