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Plover Dojo
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Intended Audience

Plover Dojo is for those who

  • write or transcribe prose (daily-life English) using stenography
  • are fine with Plover’s StenEd-based theory
  • will be using a standard QWERTY keyboard (rather than stenotype machine)

What do I need?

  • QWERTY keyboard - preferably with NKRO
  • Google account - just so that we can keep track of your progress.
  • Chrome or Firefox - Other browsers may or may not work. Report any issues you encounter.
  • Plover is great. However, this was designed to be accessed without Plover activated


  1. Exploratory - Curiosity in learning should be supported
  2. Customized - Each learner has specific needs and a specific point of progress
  3. Progress-driven - Learners should know exactly where they are in the process
  4. Meaningful - Time spent learning should quickly map to real-world skill
  5. Fun - Yep :)


Three levels of stenotype will be covered:

  1. Beginner

    • Steno movement and mechanics
    • Steno Keyboard
    • Alphabet
  2. Intermediate

    • Key combinations
    • Single-stroke words
    • Punctuation and word boundaries (forthcoming)
    • Multi-stroke words (forthcoming)
  3. Advanced

    • Adding words to the dictionary (forthcoming)
    • Building Speed (forthcoming)


Keyboard Tutor


The steno keyboard is very different than typing on a Qwerty keyboard. The lessons are interactive, hands-on, and visual. You see exactly what you are typing



Find exercises for both words and individual steno keys. See both QWERTY and Steno keyboards at the same time.

Word Filtering


By way of filtering, you can hone in on specific parts of the steno keyboard. Through this, you can also discover key combinations you might not have known before.


Word Lists Mastery

Plover Dojo saves your progress and keeps track of the words you have mastered. By practicing the most common words, you are put on the fast track to real-world use.

What is Plover?

We named it Plover after the first free open source stenography program available here for download

ENTER to get started,
or read more about Stenography.